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Another thing I feel as I think back to the Maleska past and my small part in it is a deep feeling for a man who was dying of cancer and kept on doing his job...thinking of that makes me wince at my wincing the other day at the old Dylan puzzle...ah, time, ah, memory...


Thx for the heads-up to the site, Dan! I just confirmed that my old stuff is up--a quick search led me to Jim Horne's xword site--I contributed as Wayne Hall-Eastman.

Ah, memories--I very much appreciate Maleska picking my letter out of the slush pile, publishing my 21 x 21 (my favorite) in S&S, and encouraging me to construct some dailies...I winced again as I looked a moment ago at ETM's correction of an infelicitous "sawers" in the dubious original grid of my Bob Dylan puzzle to a truly infelicitous duplication of "adam" in the published grid... that one should not have been published even w/o the editing mistake that ETM made...ah well...the good and the less good and the rotten that we constructors and editors do outlives us all.


Are any of your puzzles available online in the "Pre-Shortzian" site?

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